Become a citizen developer

Developing apps and software without any coding knowledge, sounds good, right? It might also sound impossible, but it’s not actually. To make it more accessible for a bigger crowd there are more and more low-code/no-code possibilities to be found online. With low-code/no-code platforms you can now design your own creating with no sufficient coding knowledge. Obviously this development has a lot of advantages for your company, read them below!

No coding? No coding!
The process and the coding has al been done for you, it’s now up to you to add and drag and drop the elements you need into the mix. You are in charge and you decide what is included and what is not. Feel like you could do a bit of coding anyway? That is where the low-code part comes in, this part makes it possible to do a little coding yourself as well, to tweak it more to your wishes.

Citizen development
And that is why they call it citizen development, anyone can do it. It is basically a kind of open source platform for anyone to join in. One of the benefits is that you are there for every step of the way, and that there is no discrepancy between you and the app builder.

As quick as it can be
In no-time you will have built your own software, not just because it is a user friendly tool, but also since you don’t have to give orders to someone else. No back and forth with developers, no additions you didn’t ask for. No-code platforms can make the process around eight times quicker! There is no time wasted with debugging and consulting for instance.

Get in touch with
Do you find yourself interested in using the no-code platforms that has to offer? You can easily get in contact with fizor. through their website or by contacting their customer service. The specialists at are happy to help you with all the questions you might have when it comes to their no-code platforms. You can also get in touch with them for low-code platforms. They are similar to the no-code platforms, but require a bit of programming and coding knowledge. Be sure to check out the low-code/no-code offer they have on their website.


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