Difference B/W Domain Joined Clients & Non-Domain-Joined Clients You Should Be Knowing

If you have an app with a large user base and experience heavy communication from users regularly, then you must be aware of domain-joined clients and non-domain-joined clients already. In fact, it’s a term widely popular among tech business owners running any types of SAAS business in today’s era. Even if you are new to this field and want to clear your doubts, here is the difference between the two.

Please check out and get rid of all your doubts about them:

Domain Joined Clients

All the clients that are domain-joined but are outside from the internal network have the power to communicate with the App-V infrastructure with the help of a secure VPN connection. If you wish users to leave the internal network but at the same time don’t stop communicating in the App-V infrastructure, you need to do the minor setup in the case of domain-joined clients. Just ensure that the client supports cached credentials. That’s it, nothing much to worry about.

Non-Domain-Joined Clients

All the clients that are non-domain-joined in nature but are required to communicate in the App-V infrastructure have to be configured properly for successful authentication. By default, the App-V desktop client doesn’t provide permission when such clients try to initiate the publishing refresh process. So, if your client is non-domain-joined in nature and you want it to present the proper credentials to the App-V management server, then you need to configure it. You can do it yourself or take the help of an expert to execute the job efficiently.

Another important difference between a domain-joined client and a non-domain-joined client is that the publishing server that is configured for publishing refresh client that’s non-domain joined in nature must have the external name which is accessible to clients configured properly as the common name. Unless this happens, there is no way it will work properly.

If you want to learn to manage non-domain joined servers and clients, you need to keep these differences in mind from the beginning and take steps that are appropriate. You can find an expert capable of performing this task easily. Give him a try and get your job executed in a short span of time.

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