Google Drive to WordPress – All you need to know

A meaningful connection when importing files or images from Google Drive to your webpage on WordPress.

Google Drive offers large GBs of cloud storage for images and documents. It also can connect to Google photos which can automatically upload your photos as they are taken by the camera of your mobile device.  We are going to run you through different options that are needed to embed Google Drive in WordPress.

  1. Install FileTrip plugin.
  • The plugin from WordPress called FileTrip is needed to connect Google Drive to WordPress.
  • It is a very popular plugin because it is easy to use and it can automatically distribute files from WordPress to Google Drive.
  • It also copies files instantly to Google Drive
  • It supports different file types and has excellent backup schedules.
  • No costs are involved to download Filetrip and uploading to Google Drive can be done smoothly.
  1. Google Drive Embedder
  • This is another plugin that embeds Google Drive in WordPress. It gives access to files and images from Google Drive comfortably through a popup box.
  • Users can choose documents or images which they can embed directly onto the webpage.
  • It will be necessary to set up document sharing to enable your viewers to see your webpage.
  • More information about this plugin can be found on WordPress help page.
  1. Use Your Drive
  • Another superb plugin from WordPress for Google Drive.
  • An ingenious WordPress solution for a potent cloud solution for Google Drive
  • An asset for organizing Google Drive files.
  • It is also user-friendly, no knowledge of coding is required to install this plugin.
  • Use Your Drive has a very efficient search setting that can find Google Drive documents and images easily.
  1. Embed Press
  • EmbedPress is yet another plugin considered to be top-of-the-range within the list of Google Drive WordPress Plugins.
  • It helps to embed nearly everything on an online website. It is also able to better enhance the performance of your website by connecting all the net services.
  • It can embed media from over 70 providers like Facebook, Google Maps, Google Docs, Youtube, Spotify, and others.
  1. Google Drive WordPress Plugin
  • An ingenious plugin that can be downloaded as free of charge and then can be upgraded by purchasing more plans and addons.
  • It works both ways – Google Drive to WordPress and vice versa; enhancing synchronization of both.
  • It is very easy to attach and manage files from Google Drive to WordPress and inversely.
  • You can import media from Google Drive to WordPress Media Library.

We hope that the above list has given you more insight as to the possibilities that there are to embed Google Drive to WordPress.  The links that we have provided come from official WordPress support websites and are the true support that you can get.  Understanding these plugins is a painless task and the creators have made sure that downloading them will be simpler.  We wish you great success!

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