How Open Channel Busbar Systems Benefit Data Centers And Security.

Modern data center technology has changed dramatically over the years, and continues to improve every single day. If you are a data center manager, then it is your job to focus on creating a sustainable, and secure data center, that can provide you with your power amounts, as well as fantastic functionality. Previously, power distribution was provided via cabling stored underneath the floor, but the disadvantages of this are many, and modern data centers are looking to find a different approach for their power distribution.

The impact of busbar.

Open channel busbar has helped greatly with data center security, efficiency, scalability, and the overall, ongoing running costs of data centers. Here are some of the ways that open channel busbar has made an impact.

  • Optimisation of white space – It is every data center manager’s job, to try to make the most of the use of white space, and then try to capitalise on the power potential within it. These overhead busbar systems, cut out the need to install remote power panels, and this means that there is more usable space for the server racks. The wonderful thing about open channel busbar, is that less than equipment is required in the whitespace, and this creates more functional space for other information technology equipment.
  • The capacity to be changed – IT systems are changing all the time, and so are electrical designs, and so they become out of date in a very short space of time. It is therefore important, to have scalability, as this is required if a modern data center is to change and expand easily, when demand requires it. Open channel busbar allows the addition of power supplies, without the need to shut down the whole system. This method is very sustainable, and is perfect for data centers that need the facility to adapt when required.
  • Better energy efficiency – The busbar system provides greater energy efficiency, which allows businesses to cope with fluctuations in demand, with regards to their energy efficiency. Under floor cabling in the past, meant that there was very little airflow, and so cooling was required. Open channel busbar systems need less cooling, due to the fact that they have been installed overhead.

Essentially, it all boils down to cost savings, and a busbar system is much more competitive, than more traditional processes like cabling. They require much less maintenance and racks can be added, taken away, or moved to another location without having to shut down your business.

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