Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin Review – The Best Coming Soon Page for You

Today we are reviewing a super WordPress plugin named Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin. The Plugin helps you to easily set up coming soon page and maintenance mode page easily. For us, this is the best coming soon WordPress plugin.

Before jumping into the details about the plugin directly, you should understand what is a Coming Soon page and it’s purpose. Let’s get into this.

What is a Coming Soon Page

Don’t confuse the Coming Soon Page with the Landing Page. A Landing Page is permanent but a Coming Soon page is always temporary.

A website owner may create a Coming Soon Page for different purposes. We can simply explain that a Coming Soon Page is a special kind of webpage layout that gives people a sneak peek at what is coming. It is not just a page to show what is coming, but also helps to hide the real work being done on the website.

With a good Coming Soon Page, you can ensure not to miss all the new unique visitors due to site maintenance. If you sure site is under maintenance that doesn’t mean all the traffic is lost. So it is wise for every site owner to introduce a subscription box to the coming soon page so you may get some real subscribers.

What is the purpose of a Coming Soon Page?

A coming soon landing page is a signup landing page that is designed to generate business or customer leads for a product or business that does not yet exist.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

You can find a lot of coming soon creator plugins on the web but we have some solid reasons to choose Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode over others. Here we go with some of the notable features of the Plugin.

       Free to use and a pro option comes with 26+ Instagram filters and 47+ spectacular content animations for Coming Soon Pages

       Easy to use

       Compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins

       You have the option to preview the Coming Soon or maintenance page before activating it

       Option to add Custom CSS and HTML

       Option to collect Emails Emails with MailChimp on your coming soon page

       Excellent SEO setup

Install and Activate the Plugin

Install and activate the plugin named “Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode” and activate it.

Setup the Plugin

Once you are at the settings pages of the Plugin, you can see options to enable Maintenance Mode. One the left side of the Plugin dashboard, you can see the option to set up SEO, Themes, Design, Email, Form, and more.

You won’t need to be an expert to set up the Plugin. Hope this article helps you the basics of the plugin Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance. Also, learn how to redirect WordPress here.




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