Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Own Website

The primary focus should be the actual website of the company. Bad user experience can dampen the reputation of the company and drive customers away. All of the other promotional campaigns are the secondary steps.

To stay clear from committing such mistakes, firms can take help from professional web design companies. For attractive web design Kansas City, USA based company named KC Vision Media provides industry-leading web design strategies that are catered to the needs of each customer.

Wrong steps in web designing

At times, if websites are not user-friendly, then customer interaction will decrease. A few mistakes causing this are listed below.

Content mistakes

  • Unclear purpose: The service, product, and aim of the company could be confusing to the users.
  • Grammatically incorrect: Content with mistakes could make the website seem unprofessional
  • Poor visible content: Incorrect use of text, spacing, and negative space can make the content illegible
  • All about you: The whole content should not be praising the company itself. There must be useful information that clients can relate to.

Navigation mistakes

  • Too many options: Too many options and headings can confuse the visitor, making them less likely to find relevant information.
  • No suggested next steps: No related content or guiding features can make it difficult for users to navigate through the website and find what they are looking for. For example, if websites provided information about a service US-wide and suggested for the service in their own city like Kansas then it would be easier for them to understand the service.
  • 404 Page: The error 404 page is like an apology which will drive away from the users. It is a dead-end and users are most likely to close the website instead of going back.

Design mistakes

  • Not mobile-friendly: The websites developed must be responsive to all digital devices. This uses CSS to change the page shown in any device.
  • Too slow: Users may not have the time or patience to wait for the pages in the website to lose. Instead of waiting, they will just exit the website.

  • Not secure: If the URL of the website makes the antivirus software send out warning signals, then users will not access that site. They will fear for viruses and other security breaches.
  • Too much or too little information: If the information is excessive, then the users will get confused and give up whilst reading it. Whereas if there is little information, then they would not fully understand the product that the company is trying to sell.


The above-mentioned points are the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to web designing. Proper training or external help can aid in avoiding these.

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